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Dd's project...completed!! Yay!


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I mentioned in the Accelerated Learners Goals for 2017 topic a few months ago the project dd was spending a lot of time on...producing a CD to raise money for a charity (an orphanage in Bangkok). She spent two years talking about and planning the project but the past 6-8 months she was really focusing on it. She invited talented, young musicians from around the US, Ireland, and Canada she has met through her music to each contribute a track, developed a webpage to communicate with everyone, made many decisions on the direction she wanted to go, collected and organized the tracks, worked with the sound engineer to mix and master and with the young graphic designer to design and complete the art for the CD cover and a small booklet of photos and biographies of all the musicians, and sent everything to the production company for printing. It was a very different experience for her being on the production end rather than simply making the music. She learned a lot about producing a CD (many different considerations when doing a collaborative CD than a solo CD) and working with other people in many different ways. 


She completed and released the CD two weeks ago and has already been able to donate a lot of money to her charity though sales of the CDs and donations from people who have heard about her efforts!


One unexpected but exciting consequence of her project (which came about in the past few weeks) was an offer to visit the orphanage and meet the children in person. The director of the orphanage, the adult musicians who introduced her to this charity by inviting her to perform at fundraising concerts the past three years, and the Irish embassy in Thailand have arranged for dd and I to go in June. We are so excited and dd is planning some surprises to put into her suitcase to give the children when she sees them. The experiences dd is having in her life seem so unreal to me and I am right here with her.


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