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Anyone else want to shake a fist at Murphy?


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Murphy's law has gotten me too often lately. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.


The latest attack was just as I was finally! able to sit down and do computer work, the construction workers down the block hit something that wiped out the neighborhoods internet/cable/phone.


Oh for pete's sake...I couldn't even finish my post before the cat launched himself onto the desk and papers went flying.


Anyone else today?

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Murphy is taking a vacation...from me and my family! Finally a lot of surprisingly good things sliding our way.


So sorry he is visiting you. We had him with us for 2 years non-stop, no matter where we were, "he" was with us. It was beyond the average day to day misfortune. 

Fortunately, there were no jails or courts involved but accidents, hospital visits, interviews, job offers that didn't go through, too much stuff to go into here. I did keep a list just so I would know it all that crap really did happen.


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