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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Hope Rocky recovers quickly!


Resolve Bank issues (rather my issue as I left an ATM card there :()

Schedule Chiro

Academic work


Afternoon client appointment with a looong commute

BUT I am getting home early since there is no group to facilitate tomorrow evening! Yeah!

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  • Got up early to do some work.  Lots of work due early today.

Kids up & off to school bus.  Hope they remember their homework & track stuff.

Reschedule chiro appointment.

More work.

Schedule / cancel other medical appointments.

Finish the laundry.

A little reading, exercise, housework.

Update calendar.

Pick kids up after youth group.

Kids' work - math test tomorrow ....


Kids to bed.


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Woke up in a panic.  Latin final exam is due by April 1 and I am. not. ready.



Tidy up

Teens up - 15 yo has tons to do

Grocery shop/meal plan

Study for exam

AHG meeting

Folks at home have to figure out dinner

Field trip to planetarium

Study some more when I get home?

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Good morning!



breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats


added new families to co-op Facebook page


To Do:


finalize book club plans for tomorrow             almost done with this

label more books for a used book sale         haven't done any on this yet today

ds' school                                                      

meal plan for week and grocery list   


possibly go to a movie with my younger sister who is here visiting



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Good morning!


•water plants

•fill bird feeders


•dust & mop

•pay a few bills

•make sure dd has signed up for a few clubs she wants to join

•fax insurance card to new dr.'s office


•work on decluttering built-in bookcase

•dinner: pasta arrabiata

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Good morning!  DH is off on a business trip again this week (sigh), but he doesn't leave until later tonight. 


-coffee and get ready

-school subjects with youngest

-get youngest to co-op (today is enrichment day - he has boys club and app design)

-pick up some groceries on the way home

-library drop off and pick up

-laundry for DH before he leaves

-cook the roast beef I was supposed to cook Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

-oldest to conditioning gym


-figure out all things behind the wheel driving test for oldest:  what is on it, do we need to schedule appointment in advance, book a few hours of instruction if that makes insurance lower, etc.

-really truly start working out this week (I find if I don't start on a Monday the whole week is shot)

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Day three of an IBS attack.


Do some school (from the couch?)

Oldest to work

Daughter to work

Finish loading and run dishwasher

Hopefully get a nap or two

Figure out dinner? Husband would cover it but he did yesterday's Indian spread we had planned weeks ago


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MooCow, I hope you feel better soon! Jean, I hope your Ds eyes are fine! (and Rocky too, of course)





To do:


prep snacks for CS

walk the dog

make sure kids do chores

call mom

CS pack meeting


Dinner - lentil soup and polenta



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Not bad so far ...

  • Kids were early to the bus stop - happens about 2x per year.  :P
  • Sent out some work reports.  Still a lot to do ...
  • Lived through a conference call.
  • Rescheduled 1 medical visit, canceled 3, and scheduled 4.
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Good afternoon! I am late to check in, but I totally forgot that ds3 has practice in the morning for spring break. So we were out fast, but I did not forget my coffee!

There is sewer work going on today, so no laundry, dishwasher or shower. 


To do:

check bills

write a postponed email that might have hard things in it

general pickup

read library book

call dentist

PM practice swim/aikido


Have a great day!

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I really hate topsy turvy days.  It throws the whole rhythm off.


human care done "enough".  No one will be calling the police to report me for indecent exposure or CPS for neglect of the humans in my family.


pet care done.  No one will be calling the ASPCA either.  Rocky seems to be feeling slightly better.  I'm still watching him to see if I need to take him into the vet or not.


Ds' eye exam done - his eyes are fine.  Apparently they just got irritated  yesterday.


College related meeting/tasks are all done.  I took a nap in the car while they were being completed.


Lunch is done. 


And that is it.  Sigh.  No clean kitchen yet.  No laundry.  No schooling done.  No idea what to have for dinner. 

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School is done.

Soup is simmering. 

Called mom.

Called a friend.


Still need to prep CS snacks.

Huge T-storm now - no dog walking!


Getting off the computer so Dd can reserve library books.   :001_cool:



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I dropped the kids off at the park to play and walk home.

Now they are on their own for dinner, then on to homework / test study.

I wonder how long it will be before they notice their school bags are still in my car.  :p

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