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What color car seat?


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I am about to order and I am trying to pick btwn these 2 colors





That seat in either


circa (all black)








What do you say?


It is for a one year old.   


Which do you think would be better over time?






shows every little white mark


But will not show all the yucky stains





I can't think of anything positive

May look dingy over time




One of my older kids has the multi, but that is an older kid.   Not as stain producing. 



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Kalidescope actually hides stains better. Black would show things more and just look yucky more. At least on my kids seats, all the solid black panels look dirtier than the muticolor patterns. And the hot seat would be a factor too but I do my best to toss a light blanket over the seat in the summer.


If I never let my kid have food or drinks in the car, I would consider black - or if I had a nicer car, the black seems more sleek and sophisticated. Neither of those situations apply to me, so patterned it is.

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I have both of those patterns on different Britax car seats. The kaleidoscope is adorable. My dd loves it. My son loves his black one. It's BatMan to him. Are you planning on handing it down to anyone? If so I would go neutral because kaleidoscope is decidedly girly to my dd and ds and their friends. It's the "girl seat". Neither gets hotter than the other. Britax' fabric is pretty good about that. I can't speak as to dirt- they all seem to get dirty in the same places and need to be washed every so often.


I will just say of all carseats we've had by Britax, the cowmooflauge is my all time favorite, but I didn't see that one here.

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