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Time estimates for AoPS AMC10 and Intro to Python?

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DD13 is considering taking the AoPS online AMC10 prep and Intro to Python classes this summer.

It's (nearly) the only school she'll be doing..but she's got swimming & theater that'll take her from 7:30->3:00 every weekday...so there's other stuff going on.


She's never taken an AoPS class before...what should she expect for time commitment?


For Math...she's done home-taught AoPS Alg I,  Geometry, Intro to Counting, and will be part-way through Alg II.


She's done some Python programming before (and is very excited about it), but nothing super complex (no algorithms, only discussed the most basic non-built-in data structures).


Is it crazy to take both?  She can't normally take the AoPS classes because they're in the evenings and except for Summer she swims every night.  I'd love to let her take both, but don't want to set her up to feel overwhelmed during a summer.






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My oldest took the intro to python and then the intermediate python last summer. It was light and fun and definitely not a time suck.

My youngest took the AMC8 class last summer and it did not take much time either. No idea about the AMC10 class.


I'll let her take both.

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The online contest prep classes are less time consuming than the courses that require textbooks.  There's just one problem set each week, and if she's already studied from AoPS C&P, geometry, and intermed. algebra, it will be mostly review, but still fun because, you know, AoPS.  


Since she's already had some experience with python she'll do fine with her weekly programming assignments.  That will likely be mostly review as well.  The intro class doesn't cover algorithms.  (I don't think the advanced class does either.)  


The questions is, will she feel like doing problem sets and programming assignments in the afternoon after a hard/fun day of swimming and theater?  (I suspect she'll probably be fine.)  

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