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DD6 and and the wizard of oz

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So I noticed wizard of oz was on. It had already started so we picked it up at about the time that Dorothy and friends enter the emerald city. DD8 thought the horse of a different color was fabulous.


So we watched it. I asked questions about it like why are they scared (after leaving the wizard) and then hat do you think will happen. Same questions you might ask when reading.


We y gets to the end and the wizard is in the balloon with Dorothy. Toto jumps out and I turn to DD6. She has tears jus STREAMING down her face. Dripping off her chin. I ask her about it and she says "she cannot get home. ". Then, when I asked about what happens n ft, she says " he tap dancing." And then proceeds to demonstrate how Dorothy clicks her heels together.


First, I don't remember showing them this movie before but obviously I have. But to k, for her to not only remember her he movie but also be so emotionally affected.....without a freak out.... I was honestly surprised. I didn't expect it. I expected some excitement, maybe some fear about if they would be ok. But the empathy/sympathy, I didn't expect.



Kids are so full of surprises

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