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After Winston Grammar?


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DS is 10, almost 11 and will be finishing Winston Grammar soon. What should we do next year for grammar? If it matters, for writing, he is currently doing Wordsmith Apprentice and I have Jump In for next year.


I'll be honest, grammar/writing isn't our thing - we are a math/science-heavy family. So go easy on me! LOL

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Did you do all 3 levels of Winston? (Basic, Word Works, Advanced)

If just finishing Basic, then you can move on to Word Works (which is a bit different in presentation than Basic) or Advanced (which is similar in presentation to Basic).



Do you want want something that will cover all your remaining Grammar till high school?

Then you might look at switching over to Analytical Grammar, and use the 3-year schedule. Or, if AG looks a bit above DS right now, perhaps do a year of Growing with Grammar (perhaps try starting with level 5, or level 6 next year, depending how far in Winston you went), and then do the 2-year schedule of AG after that to finish off Grammar instruction.


Or, if you find that you like Growing with Grammar, continue with it up through level 8. That has the added bonus of also going with the related writing program of Winning With Writing, which could be a possible fit if Jump In does not work out next year. (Although, if Wordsmith Apprentice is going well, there's a very good chance Jump In will, too, as it is similar in style and presentation. :) )



One other option to check out is the Fix It series, which teaches grammar in context of writing and proof-editing writing. You may need to use it in conjunction with another program if it is not enough to make the 

book 1 = gr. 3-5

book 2 = gr. 4-6

book 3 = gr. 6-7

book 4 = gr. 7-8

book 5 = gr. 9-10

book 6 = gr. 11-12

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