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One woman dead out of the dozen or so hurt by the car mowing them down on the bridge. Car then tried to drive through Security perimeter at Parliament. Got out of the vehicle and stabbed the officer.   Police shot the victim.  Reports are that two are dead and a number of the people injured are catastrophically injured (what Americans call critically injured.)  Not clear if second person dead is a victim or the perpetrator.

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I've been struck by two things watching coverage of this.  Things I think the US media could take a lesson from.


1.) They have released information about the attacker, but NOT the attacker, his pictures, all about him, handwringing from his family, and so on.  In the US, there's a tendency to seriously hyper-focus on who did it.  The reporting in England seems focused on the victims and the timeline of that happened.


2.) It was immediately treated as terrorism until it might be proven otherwise.  In the US, we wait a really long time to call anything even possible terrorism.

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