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Is anyone else's senior just worn out?


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Then comes March 30, the day she found out that she was rejected by her favorite choice, the one she had researched all the courses she would take, the dorm she would live in, the clubs she would join. It was rough.





Man, poor girl  :grouphug:  :grouphug:  :grouphug:

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Such a rough season for so many. A good friend of mine emailed that her son didn't get into the small liberal arts school he had his heart set on. He is devastated.


Mine decided to go to the same community college as her brother. She has some unresolved health issues, and I think that's very wise on many counts.


BUT her mother (me) forgot the financial aid deadline of March 30 for both of mine. Even though it's an "easy" year for the FAFSA because they count 2015, the IRS transfer tool is offline because of security problems. So I had to print my older one's from last year off and then re-enter it. Then the sibling tool didn't work, so I had to re-enter it again for my younger one.


The older one had already submitted the background for a transfer scholarship, but then we had to do the community college scholarship application. I realized part-way through that I hadn't updated her transcript with this year's classes, and they wanted an uploaded transcript. It was ironic because she got admitted earlier with a transcript that had two errors on it. So I had to get the corrected transcript done for the scholarship application. At least it will be easy to close it out in June, and then I will give them the corrected, final transcript.


All on Friday! So hard to be the parent of a senior.

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