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Switching to MUS mid-year


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I posted about one of my daughter's struggle with her first grade MM. We are switching to MUS Alpha. I found they teacher's manual, DVD and manipulatives used, and ordered the workbook last week at a conference.


In comparing the two (MUS teacher's manual and the MM 1b that we are currently using) it's obvious how completely different the curriculum is. Do I have to start at the beginning with MUS? If so, can we quickly move past the material she is already familiar with?


I'm just concerned about how far behind she will be at the end of our school year in June. The workbook hasn't arrived yet, and we leave for a 2.5 week Europe vacation in early April so it will be late April before we even start it. Both girls are already behind in MM as I started at the beginning of 1a when I pulled them out of PS at the beginning of January.

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You don't have to start at the beginning.  We did condensed lessons when he knew the material:

1. Do a page. If not 100%, watch the video.

2. Do a second page.  Teach the material to me as you do it.

3. Test.


There were some where it was very clear that he knew what he was doing so I had him test out after teaching me with the blocks.  I wanted to make sure he had grasped the procedure and the best way for that was for him to talk me through it before doing a worksheet.

For a kid starting with Alpha I would probably reverse the steps in 1.  Watch the video first, then do a page to demonstrate readiness to move on.

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Absolutely test through it.


If you feel that some easy work would build her confidence (this works for some kids and fails for others), it's okay to do some work through it as well, but I wouldn't spend the full time necessary to go through every lesson. 

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Thank you both for responding! I didn't even think about utilizing the tests. Duh! I want her to get familiar with how MUS works so I will start at the beginning and once she sees how it works I'm going to try to breeze through some of the chapters/tests until we figure out where to pick up.


I was told by the sales associate at the conference that the book wouldn't arrive for a few weeks, but I got a fed ex tracking number email and it looks like it arrives tomorrow. Yay! We will finish this up our current MM chapter soon and I'm hoping to get the MUS reviews knocked out before we leave on vacation so we can jump in and hopefully make some decent progress before the end of our school year.

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