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Dare I say it: busy work for a 6 year old


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Okay before I get my head bitten off I require very little from my Kindy. A page of math Mammoth, a page of plaid phonics, and a page of handwriting 2-3 times a week. As well to sit and listen to a story daily.


However the only way we were able to him speech therapy at the time was to enroll him into special education preschool. the preschool he went to got him use to doing three worksheets first thing in the mornings. It's a habit/routine deeply ingrained into him. It was a page of handwriting with out tears, a cut and paste sort of worksheet and some sort of coloring worksheet. Some where mathy, some with letter of the week ish, others were holiday based. I very much regret them doing the HWOT because it was unsupervised and he picked up some very bad handwriting happens so I can't let handwriting be unsupervised.


He's done all the kumon books. And done all the freebie cut and paste worksheets I can find.


Any other totally awesome worksheets I can set him loose on that he can do independently. Free or paid. Bonus points for cutting and pasting.

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Dot-to-Dot for counting?  Some are only #1-10 and some go into the 100's...


Though I noticed my K'er would have missed a few numbers if I hadn't been snooper-vising, so they're not necessarily 100% hands-off.  


Some ideas that are independent but not worksheets (I hope this is helpful, as I'm not sure from your post if you're only looking for worksheets or are open to anything independent for a K'er):


- geoboards

- puzzles

- Perler beads (fine motor)

- sand/salt tray

- Do-a-Dot worksheets

- matching nuts/bolts


Is he ready for Explode the Code 1?  


Sometimes I consider having my K'er do worksheets independently (and sometimes it's possible, depending), but I get what you said, OP, about regretting the HWT worksheets done independently.  There's just too much risk (for me) of the student developing bad habits with letter formation that I will then have to spend a lot of time on later to un-do, not to mention confusion/frustration on their parts.  This goes for lots of skills: counting, phonics, etc.  Maybe I'm too controlling; I'd just rather everything be learned the correct way in the first place, so I haven't had my K'er do many worksheets alone.  


Another thought for cutting/pasting is collages from magazines or challenges like: "find 10 letter E's in this newspaper ad; cut out/paste to another sheet" or "from this magazine, find/cut out 5 natural subjects and 5 man-made objects and paste onto 2 labeled sheets" or "find and circle 10 things in this catalog that start with the "M" sound"...Some of these things can be free but require a little thinking/planning ahead (not sure if you are needing/preferring open-and-go).


Hope you find some good solutions!

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Can he read...?

Mine do Evan Moor's Beginning Geography and Daily Geography as independent work.


Also, you might look into Rod and Staff's 4 year old and 5 year workbooks. Very gentle. Also very Christian.


And, search Teachers Pay Teachers for no prep prek, k activities. You'll probably find something there. DD liked the Moffat Girls worksheets, but those focus on academics (not sure I'd you want more of that or not).

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These are super cute and fun: the Never Bored Activity books. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1596731540/


These are not in color, but really fun and educational.

Read and Understand Fairy Tales and Folk Tales. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1557997497/


Neither are really independent, but I didn't have kids who wanted to work independently at that age, so I can't think of anything offhand except what others have suggested.


Oh, file folder games? My son loved this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0887242693/

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My 6 year old really likes doing dot to dots. I like her to do mazes too but she still needs supervision for them because she rushes and will color out of the line if I am not with her and it is a vision therapy activity we do. If they were good at drawing maybe draw write now or drawing along with YouTube videos. My 6 year old cannot do that yet but she is weak in fine motor. Dover has some cool coloring books and there is this Peterson field guide coloring book where you take a sticker of the bird and color it from the sticker.

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Barnes and Noble has piles of workbooks, busy books, sticker books, maze books, etc. So, so many of them. Plus, homeschoolers qualify for their educator discount card and get 20% off. I just browse (or let my daughter browse) and pick up more as we run out.

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