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Tell me about Kolbe Academy

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Any information is welcome. :-)


Obviously they're Catholic. Beyond that, any reviews of their online classes? I'm particularly looking at their Algebra 2 and Chemistry for dd's 10th grade. How rigorous or not, how much work to expect, how accessible their teachers are for help are all topics of interest.

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My eldest graduated from Kolbe not quite 2 years ago, just as the online academy started. My youngest will graduate next year.

The courses are all pretty rigorous, lots of work. My youngest can only deal with 4 online classes. At 5 classes she has issues dealing with the workload.But that's her. My eldest was fine with 5 classes. I know kids who handle 7 although I'm not sure how well they're doing. Those online classes are a lot of reading and a lot of work!  Eldest did AP Calculus and AP Biology and got 5s on both exams.  Youngest is just starting with APs so no result yet.


Teachers that we loved:
Mrs Powers in Geometry, Dr Trasancos in Chemistry and Physics, Dr Frey in AP Biology. Mr Schultz in Theology. Mr Hasler in Literature. 

There has been one teacher that eldest child disliked but that teacher is no longer with the online academy. As a classroom teacher she was most likely fine but she didn't adjust well to the online environment. 


Teachers are readily available by email, and hold regular office hours for extra hand holding.  I've had no complaint about any of the teachers regarding their availability. 

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