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Astronomy - has anyone used this for a science credit?

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More specifically, has anyone used the book recommended in The Well-Trained Mind - Astronomy: The Universe at a Glance that is published by Pearson?  Or, have you used other sources for this topic?  My son did a combination of Biology and Botany in the 9th grade, and I am looking at Astronomy and Chemistry.  He is behind and struggling with Algebra, so I'm thinking we need to put off Chemistry for another year.  Any thoughts/suggestions?



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SWB recommended it in the first ed. of TWTM and it was easy plan and use. But I did use it for my non-academic daughter as a get-it-done course so we did not do much more than watch youtube videos and a museum visit with it. She read it and skimmed over most of the math but I think she did learn a lot. If I were planning to use it with one of my other children I would add some stargazing (parks dept and local astronomy club), maybe a show or lecture at the planetarium, and a research paper.


ETA: This was a .5 credit, one-semester course.

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My son is taking a semester of Classical astronomy and a semester of Exploring Space this year at 




Gene Doremus is a fantastic teacher and the only one my son has ever requested to take for another year.


Even if you are not looking for an online class, perhaps the materials that he uses would be helpful for you.


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