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Well Trained Bodies - 3/19/17


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I managed to squeeze in a really fun cross-country ski before the rain started. I went with a tennis friend of mine with the goal of letting her try out skate skiing equipment. She loved the skate skiing on the flat and downhill parts, but not the uphill parts. The "problem" with skate skiing uphill is that you have to keep moving the skis in order to conserve momentum and it takes an extreme amount of effort, especially when you're not used to it. You feel like your chest is going to explode. It is invigorating, in a similar way jumping from a hot sauna into a frozen lake is invigorating. So it's not everyone's cup of tea.  :laugh:


We ended up swapping skis so she could use the more familiar classic skis. These ones also have the fish scales on so you don't have to wax them, and you can pretty much walk straight up most hills. 


Other than my Cliff bar during the ski, I had no appetite for food. I've experienced something similar to you, solascriptura. I need some sugar and protein immediately, but then I'm not craving food.

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Had a really nice bike ride with my husband today.  The weather cooled off a bit, so it was really pleasant.  A bit breezy, but I don't mind that, I was just so thrilled it wasn't hot!  We went 8 miles, and had almost 800 ft of elevation gain.  

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