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What kind of law enforcement official could this be?

Anne in CA

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Where we live there is very little cell phone service. We have a Verizon booster in the cafe and other than that someone who doesn't live here and have their own booster must go up a big hill about five minutes away for a cell phone to work.


Our waitress went there on break today and a man in a green uniform with a star on his chest approached her. He came from an unmarked black truck. He said he had seen her there yesterday too, and what is she up to? She said she wasn't up to anything, that she works for us and just wanted to use her cell phone on her break. She has a felony so she was scared and let him see her license and registration when he demanded to. He also insisted on searching her car but he gave her no information about himself at all. 


He is definitely not the game warden, we all know him and she knows him from childhood. He is probably not Forest Service, because they are very good about identifying themselves and the FS law enforcement around here is well known to us. Not CHP. We called the sheriff's office and they say he is not an undercover sheriff and they will look into it. Hopefully they will do it in a timely manner, but they are understaffed and 45 minutes away. WTH?? 


Anyone have a guess what's going on here? I don't know if I am more worried the guy is a murderer (not at all impossible) or a law enforcement officer of some kind with no sense of professionalism. I don't want bad law enforcement around here. So far they have been very wonderful. Yuck.

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Could it be Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE)? It's weird he didn't identify himself no matter what he's in, or that there wren't markings on the uniform. My first thought was Game Warden, but since you said it's not that, maybe ICE.  



ETA: I looked it up and U.S. Border Patrol definitely has a green uniform. 

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Tell her if it happens again call 911 and drive to somewhere populated. He can sort it all out there. I missed the searching her car part the first time I read it. Scary. 

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I don't know, but that's scary! I hope you're able to get to the bottom of this.


I can't imagine that even if he was legitimate, that he would have had the right to search her car. Did he give her a reason for the search?




I would tell your employee not to visit that location again. This guy could be some kind of nut. And since he saw her name and address, make sure she locks her doors and is very alert and aware when she goes into and out of her house.


I know I sound paranoid, but this just doesn't sound right to me.

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