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conceptual physics question about editions and supplemental material

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I'm sold on buying cp but I'm confused about all the editions and extras. I get that there is a difference between the college version and hs version but how significant is it? Do I need the practice book? How about the tm? Is a newer edition any better or just flashier? How about the cd? Also, how can one tell the difference between the college and highschool versions when trying to buy used online if the listing doesn't specify? Someone should make ablog post to demystify this issue.

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There's a really good physics course on Coursera that would be great as a supplement to Conceptual Physics. It's called How Things Work: An Introduction to Physics.


My ds 14 and I are doing both doing it right now. There is no math, just lots of videos showing various physics concepts.

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The key is to match copyright and cover. If a buyer won't provide that, don't bite.


With my oldest, we used the college version with the workbook, and I got a good deal on his lectures on CD. I came up with experiments we could do at home from other books I had. So I had to come up with a schedule over the summer, and he just worked through it on his own. I graded his work weekly.


He is a sophomore accounting major now and is taking physics this year for his science. He really liked Conceptual Physics.


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