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I need suggestions for a comedic monologue for a female, teen-early 20s.


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She is taking a casual beginning acting class and is looking for a monologue.


She is light-hearted, loves comedy, is drawn to a "Phoebe" from Friends type of role.


She has the short monologue from Clueless from the debate where the lead is defending welcoming the "Haiti-an" refugees. She's looking for that type of vibe.

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Some teen girls here put on a show that included various monologues. Two of the funniest were from Tina Fey's autobiography.

Oh, thanks! Do you remember any key words or the topics? When I can get the book, I can skim it faster if I have some idea what might work. I'll probably end it reading it anyway. I don't know much about her life, apart from that horrible slashing attack she endured when she was little.


We also found Tracy Flick's monologue from Election "I'm not upset," which might be good bc she gradually gets louder and angrier as she goes on.

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