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The Teachers Lounge 3-17-2017


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H A P P Y   S T.  P A T R I C K ' S  D A Y ! ! !


Hope all is well with all of you! I was definitely fighting something yesterday since I took two naps and had little to know energy. I threw a lot of my natural remedies at it and am feeling. . hmmm..maybe 60% better. Still feel like I have cotton in my brain but about half the amount from yesterday.  :p  I still have some other weapons in my natural medicine arsenal to throw at the germies so we should be good to go by tomorrow, hopefully.


Ah, forgive me . .  . WELCOME TO THE LOUNGE! Sit back, relax, put your feet up, and enjoy a cuppa and some conversation. Or take a snooze. Remember the Lounge is for the Teachers Only - so we can share our frustrations, celebrate the victories, all in a safe environment. I'm glad you're here!


What are you up to right this moment? Here: sitting at the computer, sipping on my java :cheers2: , hoping I am better by 100% tomorrow.


Do you play any online games? Here: I occasionally play Scrabble via Facebook. And I often play Scrabble on pogo.com  :biggrinjester:


What's the weekend forecast for your area? Here: lows in the 60s, highs in the low 90s here. I'm not ready for the heat yet!


Talk to me! :bigear: 



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Happy St. Paddy's Day!


Right now I'm taking a break from yardwork.  I finished the edging and made it through half a flowerbed full of weeds before I stopped for the morning.  We're expecting mid 80s through next week at least, perfect for going outside.


I don't play any online games, really.  I have sudoku on my Ipad and it connects to play me advertisements if I complete a puzzle, so I tend to get all the way through minus a square and move to the next puzzle. :P  I'm not a fan of being rewarded with 30 second time wasters.

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This Moment: Responding to this thread ;)  And eating SweeTarts and listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, dishes in the dishwasher, guinea pigs in their fence on the floor and their bedding in the washing machine.


Online Games: I just play Pokemon Go.  My 10-year-old and I got on a PokeWalk every day.  We live within walking distance of three PokeStops and a PokeGym.


Weekend Forecast: Very high 70s :)

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