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Food left out over night - chuck it? Or put in fridge?


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The stew I'd save and eat.  The couscous I'd throw out.  People think stuff like meat is the biggest problem.  No actually stuff like rice is the bigger hazard when it comes to food poisoning. 


Although, that said, I am not particularly squeamish.  I'd probably even still eat the couscous so long as my house wasn't too hot.  In the summer I tend to be more careful.



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Thanks everyone!  It doesn't have any meat, dairy, etc in the stew or the cous cous and it was covered so nothing dried out.  Someone conscientiously covered it all and then just didn't put it in the fridge.  I wound up putting it away.  If no one eats it, I'll chuck it later.  It really didn't look bad and my house wasn't especially hot last night.

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