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Pictures and Canvases


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So we had family photos taken and I have the digital copies of the photos with permission to have copies printed. I would like to order some various sizes to give to family members. And I might want to have a canvas or two. 


Where should I order these?


I haven't been impressed with the quality of shutter fly in the past. So, that one is out.


I need something that has good quality with a decent price. 


Thoughts please!!

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I'm a big fan of Canvas on Demand. On my recommendation, my dad tried them -- but doubting me :-) he did a comparison purchase from another online company and Costco. He agreed that Canvas on Demand was easily better. You can ALWAYS find a good Canvas on Demand special. They used to do a lot of Groupons; these days I get specials from them via FB and email. If you can't find a special today, wait until tomorrow!


I love mpix for prints - they do a great job - but I've never had a canvas done by them. I've seen them, though, at their convention booth fwiw, and they look good too.

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I just ordered from an online company, but my canvas hasn't arrived yet. I'll try to remember to post a "review" after I get my new canvas delivered. 


ETA: I don't know much about pricing, but my 16" was less than $40 (incl. delivery fees).

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