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Advice on finishing up K12 American Odyssey

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Hi there,

I would love to hear your opinions on how to best finish up dd's 11th grade US history.  It looks like she will get through the early 1900s in the American Odyssey by the end of the school year.  Her brother is doing a DTS with Youth with a Mission right now and gets back late May.  I know that once he returns, we will not get any more school done around here!  We just can't seem to get to the 20th century in history though.  Last year she did World history and we made it to about the same time period.  Ugh!  Here are my options...  She could just finish up the K12 text in the fall to complete her US history credit.  Or I could give her a credit for this year and call it done by the 3rd week of May.  I feel like she has done a lot of work this year in US history.  It has probably been our most successful year so far!   :)  Here's what she has been doing:

·      Reading K12 text

·      Doing written narrations 

·      Completing unit tests (essay questions) based off of some of the key questions at the beginning of each chapter

·      Doing written summaries on key people/events/laws, etc, from each chapter

·      Completing Great Documents in US History books

·      Watching lots of documentaries and movies

·      Doing some mapping

·      Reading historical fiction books

·      Completing notebooking pages on the presidents (watching the History Channel The Presidents)

If I give her a US history credit for this year, I am thinking about combining the remainder of  K12's American Odyssey with their Human Odyssey volume 3 (continuing the output and extras listed above) for another credit or .5 credit in Modern US & World history.  Thoughts?  

Thanks so much for your help!


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