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Dr. Hive, help me with the mystery illness


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My poor dd has been sick for six weeks. It started as strep and was treated with amoxicillin. After four days she broke out in a full body rash (blotchy, not raised, pink). It was assumed this was a reaction to the medication so we switch her to azithromycin (z-pack) which she completed. The rash went away but her headache, stomachache and fatigue have continued. She has no fever, has been eating and drinking fine (she doesn't want to but is good about making herself eat). She's getting worse in the last few days and now has yellow stools and yellow/greenish urine. 


It's not strep, we tested. It's not mono, we tested. Blood panel is clear, no white blood cell issues. 


We're at a loss. 


Any ideas? 

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This is a long shot but I know someone whose DD had this recently so it's worth sharing: 




ETA: I don't think that article says anything about it, but the girl I know had been recovering from strep as well when she got the rash, and the condition is thought to be triggered by strep.

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She's been in, several times. Mono and strep have been negative but on today's blood draw they're doing a more accurate (?) Epstein Barr panel so maybe that's still it. We are also doing a metabolic screen and testing for celiac, although I think that's a long shot. 

Thanks for the link, I'll dive into that as soon as I get a chance!

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