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What to do with my books....


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Actual books. The kind you read.


Long story short we are going to pack up everything we can live without for 6 months and put it in a storage unit while we renovate a house we are purchasing. We live in the desert and in the summer temperatures inside the storage unit will average a billion degrees.


DH mentioned that the heat can melt the glue in the book bindings and it made me wonder if I shouldn't put our books in storage. Really most of my books are thrift store paperback finds. We have a couple bookcases with nicer hardback books. We have very limited storage space at my parents' house for things that really can't go into a hot storage unit. But really most of it needs be stored. 


Things I am wondering about now.



Oil paintings

Small appliances


Photo Albums


What things should I absolutely keep out of the storage unit and what is okay to put it?




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You probably need a climate controlled storage unit. Not just temperature controlled, but climate controlled. That will keep your things in good shape.



I'm particularly worried about the piano, the paintings, and the "good" books. The DVDs should be fine. The photo albums might be ok, but if they're important to you, I'd keep them out of the storage unit. The small appliances will probably still work after being in the storage unit, but I would be concerned about electrical cords drying out in the heat and becoming a fire risk when you start using them again.


I think a climate controlled unit is the best way to go, unless it costs more than the stuff is actually worth.

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The cheap paperbacks won't make it.  Ditch them altogether. (They won't make it to the next generation anyway...that was what I found with all the wonderful books I saved from my youth for my own son.  They just fell apart in my hands.  I either gave them to the dust of the earth or bought hardbound, well bound copies...)


Piano, oil paintings, photo albums, you MUST put in climate controlled storage.  And please use a piano mover if it is an instrument that will cost a lot to replace.  I'm not saying a price, but if it will cost a ton more to replace than to store--store it.  


Good luck with the remodel!  :0)


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