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(because ya'll can find anything) looking for an interval timer app that will....


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make an audible alarm through music that is already playing on my phone. 


I've been asked to teach a hiit water class. No one at my facility has done this. I've taken hiit classes at a gym, but not recently. I do understand the flow. So, I'm trying to plan the class. I use my own music through google play. I want a timer that will give audible alarms for each interval. I'm finding apps that vibrate and would be useful for someone working out by themselves. Not so much for leading a group. 


What are your favorite interval apps?


Do they play through music? 


How loud are the alarms?


If such an app is not possible, is there a separate device I should purchase. I am familiar with gymboss. I'm not sure it's as loud as I want. 



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If you set an alarm on your phone, will it play through the music?  If you find an alarm app you may be able to use the snooze function and customize it to do what you want.  On my Samsung phone's default alarm, I can set a custom tone and then have it repeat continuously every 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes. 

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