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Voice Recognition Software for Dyslexia questions

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I asking about this regarding an adult friend of mine with severe dyslexia, so please let me know if this is the wrong place. Should it go in Chat since it's not home school related?


Here is my situation: This guy is a close friend of my husband. He is very artistic, and one of his hobbies is writing a comic strip. For the past year I have been proofreading and editing his comic strips for him. His dyslexia is severe. He prints out the strips and brings them to me. I mark them up and rewrite all the dialog for him. The problem is that when he goes to make the corrections on his computer--rewriting the dialog--even looking at my corrections, he still makes mistakes.


Because of my daughter's own struggles with reading, I have only recently been made aware that there are tools out there to help dyslexics with writing. So I'm looking for recommendations. I think he has no idea anything like this exists. Even if it doesn't solve the problem with the comic strips, I'm sure he could use it for other purposes.

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All your macs can do dictation right out of the box. Is he on a pc or mac?


Does he use a special software for doing his comics? The most efficient way to research ability to use dictation with that would be to start with the name of the software he's using and see how other people do it. It's a common issue, so I agree he'll have some options. 


I also think you could do this more efficiently. Instead of rewriting the dialogue, you could be editing a text version that he can cut and paste. That would solve a LOT of problems.


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Tech has changed considerably over the last 9 or so years. Your friend needs help, so ask any question that you like.

Speech to text sw comes on Android phones, newer iPads, and iPhones. This feature requires an internet connection and sometimes mishears so writes out crazy stuff. The feature can be useful though you just have to be patient.

For spelling, there are programs and apps like Ghotit, Ginger, Co-Writer, and WordQ.

All of my family computers are loaded with Windows 10. There are features with Adobe and Word products that will read aloud selected text so that the user can hear back what they typed. That feature needs to be enabled and is fairly simple to do.

Chrome has a read aloud feature.

There are features within EverNote and Google docs that allow users to share their work. Your friend shouldn't have to print up the dialogue and give it to you. You could very well make changes online with you pc or other device.


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Update for anyone with enough time to check in... My friend uses a Mac. I know it was mentioned above that Macs come with voice recognition, but I'm not sure he can use it with Adobe-- he uses Adobe Illustrator to create the comic strips. I found something called Dragon SpeechPack for designers which uses Dragon Naturally Speaking to be used with design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Haven't talked to him yet, but I'm excited by the possibilities!

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