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astronomy/earth - Big History? GC?

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If you've used Big History, would you consider it worth the effort if you only planned on using the astronomy and earth science sections?


I'm trying to decide if I should try to wrap BH up with some Bryson's Short History of Nearly Everything and a pile of extra reading, or go with GC's Understanding the Universe and Nature of Earth. Both seems too ambitious.  I like the idea of English through BH and the big picture overview, and the thoroughness of GC with essay starters and extra reading. The kid isn't helping. She likes both ideas and flipped her hand at me with a "you take care of it" flare. She just wants her daily expectations/schedule written out clearly ahead of time. 


This is for my rising 8th grader's science. I started tossing some GC at her this year (Shakespeare) and she really took to them. (Actually, she *looks* bored out of her gourd flopping all over the chairs and pacing, but afterwards she gleefully rattles off tons of information from it.) 


We're already pretty solid on doing culinary history, which will start with pre-ancients and go to modern. (one GC lecture a week)


Either way we'd add extra reading and DVDs. Through the Wormhole, etc.


Thoughts? Other recommendations for a flighty, precocious girl who wants astronomy and earth?

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