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A Scholarship Opportunity for Graduating Seniors

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Hi Everyone!  I thought I would make one last post about the scholarship program that our nonprofit is running along with Bright Ideas Press for homeschooling seniors - the deadline is March 31st.  We will be awarding three scholarships: Two $1,000 scholarships and one $500 scholarship.


Students must have been homeschooled for at least two years.  We are hoping to get some great students applying!  The application can be completed online or mailed in.  Here is the website for more information: www.homeschoolerscubed.org/scholars


Here are some tips that we've been sharing for great applications:

  • Follow directions:  It may seem silly, but not following directions is one of the most common ways applications get disqualified.  Follow directions and you will already be ahead!
  • Be Passionate:  Make sure to show us your passion for homeschooling, your future career, and education in general!  You are awesome, help us see it!
  • This is your time to shine: Don't look up "winning scholarship essays" or "awesome resume generator" - personalize everything - this is your time to shine!
  • Proofread:  Once you're done with you application, let a trusted friend or family member look it over to catch any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Good luck!


I will check back so please feel free to post any questions! 


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