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Modern History book recommendations needed

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We keep bopping back and forth with what we want to do next year and one of the possibilities is World History from about 1800-Now.  I'm having trouble finding anything I like to use as a spine and not sure what would be good as supplementals. 


I prefer no textbooks* unless they're like SWB's High school history books.  I want depth that's why we're limiting it to 1800 and up so a standard World history (Pre-civ) or even a 2 volume (usually 1500) wouldn't give enough attention to the time periods I want. It needs to be secular and neutral preferably but I would be okay with something others might consider liberal.


For supp's I'm thinking some literature (Jane Austen/Copperfield-Salinger) and some biographies (think Anne Frank, He named me Malala). But I'd like some non-fiction too.... Maybe something similar to Salt or Six glasses but within the time frame?


*We'll use a textbook if we have to but they're easy to find, so no help needed there.


Does anyone know when SWB's Modern book will be out, not soon enough I assume? 

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