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Incorporating DE courses into mom-made courses on transcript - math question

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So, I've been reading and noticed that many say that whatever DE course the student takes, should be listed as is on the hs transcript. That would really put a kink in our plans. (If you want to skip the details, feel free to just read the last line of each paragraph.  :lol: )


Here's the situation:

First off, dd has no intention of going much further than high school when she graduates. We've settled on a plan that puts her on a path of earning as close to an Associates doing DE as possible. She will finish her certificate in Patissiere this semester, and decided to move into doing an AAS in Business Entrepreneurship (instead of Culinary Arts). After, she'll have maybe a semester left to finish the AAS, and she currently has the motivation to do that. Second, she has an IEP that includes math, so the goal is to get her through Business Math which is required for an AAS, and will count for her hs senior math. (She's currently in 11th grade.)


This is where it's sticky:


She spent 9th grade at a charter school and tested into pre-algebra (although she had just completed prealgebra the year before at a different charter school). It wasn't surprising. So, she got a half year in pre-algebra, then that class got the full course of algebra in the second semester. Terrible teacher, terrible year, "passed" with a D (and the teacher a year later was fired), with the last half of the year in weekly private tutoring to re-teach everything she was learning during the week. Tutor stated she understood enough to begin geometry the following year.

So, 9th = 0.5 credit prealgebra, 1.0 credit algebra.


10th grade, she came back home and started a live geometry class online. When she started falling behind, we dropped the class in the second semester, and went back to shoring up on the algebra she was shaky on using a basic algebra college text. We finished it off with a 2-week intensive math workshop held at the community college. I called it Integrated Math I, and gave a credit.

10th= 1.0 credit Integrated Math I


11th grade, she took the cc math placement test and tested into pre-algebra. Again.  :svengo: So, currently she's taking that class at the cc, along with the pre-algebra lab. At home, she's doing the geometry course through Time 4 Learning. I planned on wrapping these two courses together on the transcript as Integrated Math II. Pre-algebra at the college doesn't count for degree requirements.

11th = 1.0 credit  Integrated Math II?


12th would be Business Math via DE at the cc.

12th= 1.0 credit Business Math


From what I've been reading, it seems I can't wrap her two 11th grade math courses and name it something else? All she needs to do Business Math as DE next year, is to pass this current college pre-algebra class. It would look really weird to show pre-algebra, algebra, integrated math, pre-algebra and geometry as the math sequence on a transcript.


I would list Integrated Math II, then explain in the description that it consisted of a DE pre-algebra, plus at-home geometry. Wouldn't that suffice?

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She'll be getting the AAS at the same community college she attends now as a DE student. The business math course is what is needed for the AAS and is one level below college algebra. I told her that once she does the business math, if she is confident to continue to college algebra she should do so at the cc, but it isn't necessary for the degree she is currently looking at (or, actually ANY of the AAS- terminal degrees). Only the AS and AA degrees require college algebra or above.


I am definitely listing her transcript by subject. 


ETA: removed link to transcript-in-progress

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I think that listing it the way you described as Integrated Math 1 and 2 and putting further explanation in the course description is fine. If she isn't doing any further schooling then no one will even see that. And if she gets further schooling through the community college, then they won't either. At this point the high school diploma itself is what counts and you can honestly provide that in my opinion.



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