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Where is the Decluttering & Organizing thread?


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I've been reading along as such things oddly interest me, even when I am not involved BUT I have something to contribute now :) 


I'm generally fairly minimalist, my entire upstairs has been Kon- Mari'd, however, the basement tended to be the place to store things. As we've finished it the amount used to storage has been less and less but there were still pockets here and there. I told dh this year is the year we finally finish it completely(we've been stuck around 80% finished for awhile). To my surprise he readily agree and started working on it in earnest when on his week's vacation at New Years.


During Christmas/ New Year's Break-

- I cleaned out te extra stuff from the bathroom 

- he installed the toilet and the sink (still has the shower to go)


This week I finally worked up some more motivation to tackle the closet down there. I have 4 kids, 3,000 ft house, including the basement but the only closets I have are bedroom closets, the biggest is mine at 5x5- the kid's have 5x2, 5x2 and 3x3- so there isn't much space there either. My linens fit in a dresser at the end of my hall or under my bed. Now, we designed our own home and I've always leaned towards minimalism so I never wanted a ton of storage space but it has been a challenge at times. Downstairs I have 1 closet that is 7x7, it has been full of totes of clothes to pass down from one kid to the other, Christmas decorations, camping gear and dh's and I sentimental stuff(I have 1 small box and he has 1 HUGE tote). BUT to top that off in order to convert the computer room into a bedroom for dd1 we had to move the safe in there, it is 40inx30 in, 5 ft tall and when the door opens out it comes out to 5 ft total. It is HUGE. We tried to put it in there before but couldn't fit it. I've been ruthlessly going through things but finally dedicated myself to paring down until it could fit, I worked on it 9 hrs Friday! 9 long hrs. 


I cleared out--

- 2 large bags- mostly clothes and a bit of Christmas ornaments

-2 boxes of items I had planned to sell but really aren't worth the time


I am taking that to Goodwill today. Then, then, the big thing, dh is finally clearing out the old electronics and I found a place that accepts it all, we have in total (it is embarrassing)- he is taking out all the hard drives fwiw!

- 1 27 in HUGE TV - not flat screen

-1- 27 in flat screen TV

- 1 19 in flat screen monitor

- 3 CPUs

-8 old laptops

-1- non-working WII

-old printer


I am positively giddy. The only thing left to clean out now is the closet under the stairs as dd will have it for her room. It is full of bee stuff that will somehow fit into our very small and already full outside shed. That is on the agenda for next week. That will mean my entire house (save for the utility room) will be cleared out and organized. I even have some room to spare in the downstairs closet.


Dh also cleaned out the desk and the gun safe when he moved them. He had the entire top of the gun safe stacked with various things, nevermind there is shelves inside for storage- I kindly suggested maybe he use them instead of putting stuff on top and he did. 


I started going through my pictures as well as that was on my to-do list for this year. I filled up the albums that I had and need to buy 4 more to take care of my physical pictures(I'm hoping to get some today). Then it is on to my digital pictures which will take FOREVER but I'll just have to do 1 hard drive at a time, I'm thinking of doing those in digital photo albums.


I have 4 things to sell- my old Ergo, my diaper stuff, Creative Memories album(I've decided there is no way I'm scrapbooking pictures- I will just put them in albums where I have to slide in the sleeve) and a pair of shoes(bought but never wore). 



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Congrats on your progress!!!!!!


Our graveyard for old electronics has always been a 'do not mess with' zone per dh's request. I finally got him to admit we need to get rid of that stuff. 3 CPUs, 7 keyboards, 3 monitors, a broken Wii are now ready to be gone. Still in the do not touch pile are a ton of stereo and surround speakers.  Baby steps...I'll keep working on him...



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We have a CPU graveyard in our basement too, but that was the one "Do Not Touch" collection in decluttering last week. DH is a hacker (the certified, work-pays-for kind), and is setting it up as a server room to practice on. He even gave the kids an old laptop and is trying to trick them to gain access to their computer remotely.


When FIL moved, DH actually took MORE old non working CPUs from his dad's house to play with.


As long as it's organized. The hunting gear still needs to be put away for the year, as it's making me twitchy. More so than the electronics.


I declutter every year, and come up with less and less to get rid of. Right now, there's a small pile in the garage, not enough to even bother with a garage sale! The only things I'm having trouble with is getting unused furniture upstairs. In a few years, I'll have teen boys to lift this stuff, but right now I'm going to have to make some calls.

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