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Movies as Literature online class through Open Tent Academy

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I ran across this online class today of the Movies as Literature curricula being offered as an online class.  It is being offered in 2017-2018 by Open Tent Academy.  Looks intriguing for my son who is interested in film as a career path.  Anyone know anything about this course?


Lights! Cameras! Action! An Alternative Course for High School English: Movies as Literature

Term: Full Year     Class Meets: Tues,      11:00 am - 12:30 pm ET 

Class Begins: Sep 12, 2017

Duration: 90 minutes,  Weeks: 20


Price: $550.00

$500.00 before Mar 15




Camera! Movies! Action! In this complete, one-year high school English course, we will combine learning with fun! Together, we will use classic movies to introduce and study the elements of literary analysis and critical thinking. We will view a variety of historical, classic and modern movies. The movies themselves take the place of literature, acknowledging the reality that this is the medium for storytelling most accessible to modern audiences. Preparation for discussion and the discussion itself teaches students many of the tools of literary analysis such as plot development, theme, foreshadowing, setting, mood, character development, symbolism, the authors purpose, point of view, motivation, puns, and irony. The analysis includes other aspects applicable to film such as staging and dramatic effects. After discussion, students are given two or three questions from which they will choose one as the subject for an essay.


Instructor: Eva Goldstein-Meola


Grade Range: 8th - 12th

A minimum of 5 students must enroll for this class to be held.



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