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Anyone have a slightly-older college student?

Rebel Yell

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Diamond graduated homeschool in 2013. Spent two years getting associate degree in small business management, then two years working to buy a car, save some money, and decide where to go next for her dance degree. She turns 22 this spring.


She is currently deciding between two colleges... at her likely choice she is a few credits shy of junior status. Not sure about the other school, probably very similar. So Sophomore either way. She will be living at school in the dorms.


Has anyone had a slightly-older student in this situation? How did it go? Diamond is fairly introverted. She has always had her own bedroom. Looking for tips, advice, and encouraging stories.



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I haven't personally had a child in this situation, but I have known a fair number of college students in this situation.  I have taught at schools where it would be very common for a 22 year old to have sophomore/junior status, and I have taught at other schools where it would be unusual.  She may want to consider the student demographics when she is deciding upon a school.  


DD is a junior (she is currently 20), and one of her best friends at college is in the situation your daughter is in.  The university has student apartments which this slightly older student lives in.  If your DD is one who will be annoyed by some of the typical 18-19 year old behaviors, she may want to consider what type of housing options she will have at each of her potential schools.  At some schools, freshmen and sophomores are placed in particulars dorms, but check to see if they have an exception for those who are coming in with an AA (many do).  


I think that because your daughter wants to go into a major in which she will quickly have a high degree of activity with others with similar interests will help her make the transition easily.

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Haha she would have been annoyed by typical 18-19yo behavior when she was 18 anyway ;)


And here are really only two school choices for her, and it will come down to cost as to which one she attends. Funny, the one closer to home will have maybe three students who were in the high school musicals she's choreographed!

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