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Great Books in 3 years?

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Has anyone done a great books program similar to the one outlined by SWB but in 3 years?    Should I divide up the years covered into three time periods instead of four?  Just hoping to hear from someone who has experience.  Also, I'm not sure my child is ready to tackle the difficult readings of the ancients...Would it be practical to work backwards through the reading lists? 

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Are you at all interested in doing one of the Great Books online courses?


I get wanting to do it in three years. If I had been able, we would have combined the Greek and Roman years.  Naturally, that wasn't possible in the online class she was taking.  However, looking back, I'm glad we didn't have that option.  She read things that she wouldn't have read otherwise, and, honestly, everything after that is EASY reading!  


We ended up stopping after two years because dd took AP Lang and AP Lit.  I don't regret that either because many of the books that we would have read in those last two years of Great Books were perfect for reading during those AP classes.  


As far as reading them backward, I wouldn't recommend that. There are a lot of historical books in the sequence, and reading them backward would be, well, like reading history backward.  


If your're worried that you child isn't ready, perhaps you could start lightly, or see if any of the online courses will allow an audit.  I believe the Angelicum Academy, which we used, allows a limited number of audits.

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