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Do I have my bases covered for 1st?

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We are doing:

MUS Alpha

WWE workbook 1


SOTW (just reading, not the activities)

We were doing The Reading Lesson but we've kind of taken a break from that and are just doing Bob Books and the like.

I haven't really found a science program that I like, so we've just been doing nature study, planting things, catching and releasing bugs and lizards, etc.

We sporadically do Artistic Pursuits (I need to do better at this), but she also does a variety of coloring, drawing, and weaving projects.


We're kind of at a hectic time in our life right now and just doing the bare minimum, but I want to make sure there's nothing huge that I'm missing.

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Your plan covers all the key bases, and you should have a great year! Just a couple thoughts


1. Don't dismiss the idea of doing at least a few projects to go with SOTW1. You don't have to to one for every chapter, and I don't know your DC, but the projects really make history "fun" for my two DS. Making a chicken mummy (less gruesome than I had imagined), writing hieroglyphs, making a clay tablet or pot. Most recently, they made paper plate "masks" after reading about Greek plays. I took a couple of old white pillowcases and cut neck and arm holes so they had chitons (those Greek tunics) and they put on a hilarious "Greek play" that featured the Minotaur fighting Darth Vader. I'm pretty sure my boys will never end up saying "history is boring" like so many kids did when I was going to school.


2. You didn't mention science and I don't particulary recommend a formal science program. But I do encourage you to make a big effort to go out and explore nature with your DC. Take along a little notebook if you want, but really, just make a point of going out to observe.


If you don't get too wrapped up in "must do's," the history and science can be the funnest parts of school!

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