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HSLDA English I

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Not English 1, but my ds is almost finished with HSLDA English 2.  He doesn't always like it, but he does his work faithfully and I am thrilled with the results in his writing abilities and also in learning to carefully read prompts and directions (or face the lowered grade consequences)!  Since there are a wealth of graded items, one bad grade is easily absorbed.  I love how organized HSLDA is.  You know exactly how many points each assignment is worth and where you lost the points in the end.  There is a wonderful mix of types of essays, poems, and other types of writing assignments; plus grammar exercises, vocabulary quizzes, etc.


Did you check out the booklist?  What questions do you have? 


Also, I am shamelessly telling everyone I know that I can offer you a special code to get $30 off if you are newly signing up for an online class at the academy, through their 'Earn & Learn' rewards program.  I also will be the first to tell you that we are not exclusive with this academy but will use whatever works best for each dc.  My dd did not like the booklist for English 2 (which my ds has really enjoyed) and talked me into letting her try something else instead, so I am doing that (even though I have all the books ready to go...)  Sigh...what we do for our kids!  :)





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Thank you for the input.  How much time per week did your son need to complete the assignments.  It says count on 5-10 hours.  5 is fine, 10 seems really high:   http://academy.hslda.org/academic-readiness


Also is there an obvious Protestant lens to the courses (we are Catholic).


Thank you,





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