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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Trying to decide whether to leave for our 15 hour drive tonight or tomorrow.  So much to do, so little time.  And my oldest is being, quite frankly, a jerk.  He doesn't want to go to leave warm, sunny FL (hey, neither do I) to go to my in-laws in cold, frigid PA. 


-shower and get ready




-stop mail and paper

-pick up dog's prescription

-pick up husband's dry cleaning

-pick up oldest from school

-take oldest to get pants for trip north (here in FL even his school uniform is shorts)

-take dog to my parents house 1 hour south of here (husband and youngest just did this)


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It's Friday, yeah!  :001_smile:


•fed cats & dogs

•did 1 load laundry

•refilled birdseed bin & filled feeders

•fed horses

•doctored a cut on my pony's leg

•need to get my boys out of bed so they can take garbage out (we have loads of it this week because we've been decluttering)

•school (dd has a miserable cold & I'm hoping she feels well enough to do some work)

•order pens from amazon

•office stuff

•try out my SAD light

•dinner=something mexican, taquitos or enchiladas?

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Happy Friday guys!


I have a pile of work to do, but none of those horrible conference calls, yay!  I just hope I can be efficient so the weekend begins with all the clients and auditors happy.  :)  Other than that, trying to get back into a normal mindset after weird stuff happening this week.  And dealing with a visit from my not-so-favorite Friend.

  • Kids off to school bus.  Miss Sharp-Tongue says she has a "massive tummy-ache" so I'm hoping that fixes itself.
  • Work, lots of work.
  • A little yoga, reading, housework.
  • Review the will that was generated for me yesterday, to make sure it does what I want.  Make plans to sign it in front of witnesses.
  • I forgot to pick up my second prescription yesterday, oops.  Should try to grab it today ... or maybe tomorrow ....
  • Should call the doc they assigned to me for follow-up.
  • Kids have bowling tonight, and friend mom brings them home, or at least that's the current plan.
  • Kid has a performance roughly an hour away ... need to have quick dinner somehow ....
  • The performance is before a gymnastics meet, so we will stay and watch at least part of the meet.
  • Perhaps some shopping.
  • Will there be time for our Friday shows?  Read-aloud?  Time will tell.
  • Work?  Or sleep?
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Selkie, let us know how your SAD light works and which one you got. I think I might really benefit from one of those.


Dd is still sick. Coughing all the time. 


Take Ds to tutorial

Help my mom with some things

Take Ds to mom's

Take Dd to doctor. Get Rx. 

Take dh to pick up his car, if it is ready.

Budget/pay bills


Figure out dinner.  




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Good morning! Last day of the week, lots of chores and little errands I have postponed. 


To do: 

get dd2 off to school

ds2 up and working (volunteers later)

take ds3 to standardized testing

dd1 off to see dmil


post office


clean house

PICK UP ds3!

jen things

school administration (email, finish transcipt for ds2, check requirements for summer program)

PM practice swim/swim/aikido


Have a great day!


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Selkie, let us know how your SAD light works and which one you got. I think I might really benefit from one of those.


I will let you know! Today is a beautiful, sunny day so I haven't even plugged it in yet. It's a Verilux HappyLight. I'm crossing my fingers that this thing works, because I've really had to work at digging myself out of the depression hole on gloomy days. 

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Morning stuff done.

No word on Dh's car, so that has been bumped til tomorrow. No how am I driving in Friday evening traffic to pick it up.

Dd to the doc this afternoon.

Then a quick trip to the grocery.


Spent the morning with my mom. Always errands to do, but my mom loves it when we visit and she's 80 and I want to treasure the days with her.



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