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Spanish read aloud novels for 2nd grader

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Hola. I'm looking for suggestions on novels in Spanish a 7 yr old (Spanish-speaking) adventure & animal lover would enjoy listening to read aloud by mom or dad.

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I'll answer my own post. I just checked out Stuart Little in Spanish. It was her 1st read aloud novel in English at 1.5 years old so it'll be interesting how she responds to it at 7 & in Spanish! I don't mind reading aloud translations but if you've any original Spanish-language novels that appeal to this age set, please do let me know. While living in Argentina, I came to love Mafalda & will pass that on to her but other quintessentially Hispanic titles, etc. are most welcome!

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There's a series of Spanish children's books that was made into a Spanish TV show.  I got both the DVDs and the books.


Célia books by Elena Fortún


I'm not sure where you could get the DVDs (I think I got them from Spain, and I had a region-free DVD player), but those TV shows were really well done.  My kids watched them many times.


Célia is a bit of a naughty girl who always means well - she gets into all kinds of crazy situations.  Kind of like a Spanish Pippi.



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