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Chemistry - Potter's School and Kolbe

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Hi. I've been looking for an online Chemistry class that fits into our schedule. WTMA and Wilson Hill will not work for us but both Potter's School and Kolbe classes will. I was hoping to find some reviews here but neither seem to have any comments.


If I can't find something we will try DIVE with Zumdahl...but I was hoping for something more.


Any thoughts?

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Which Chemistry at TPS?


My daughter took Pre-AP/Honors Chemistry. She said it was a very challenging class.


Either class would fit our week. I had my eye on this one because it seems to have more real lab work...but he has a busy year and I don't want him to do be overwhelmed...but he is interested in going in to STEM and probably a challenging class is the best thing for him...but he is interested in Physics and Math, not Chemistry...but he will still have to do chemistry in college and I'd like him to be prepared....but but but...I keep waffling on this.


He's doing well in Physics this year but I don't think Clover Creek is considered very challenging.


Anyway. Can you tell me if the amount of work is challenging, or is it the work itself? Or both? He will enjoy the math, but probably not the memorization.

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Both the work and the amount of work are challenging.  The textbook she uses is not very student friendly IMO, and my daughter didn't like it.  The class moves pretty quickly so there's lots of reading and assignments.  My kids aren't very mathy so that didn't help them and made the work harder.  If your student doesn't mind the math, that might help.  There is a fair amount of memorization too. 



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