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Does anyone have any recent experience with CNED? My daughter is bilingual, has attended a French school until now and will be transitioning to an American middle school for 6th Grade. I do not speak French, but my daughter wants to enroll in CNED. We are considering the digital & print option. Does anyone have insight they can share? My specific questions are below. 1. Are the lectures live or recorded? 2. Do students interact verbally with anyone? 3. I understand the total number of hours is approximately 450 over 9 months. Does anyone know the approximate amount of time spent on learning versus homework/testing? 4. How often do you recommend a tutor come? Thank you!

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My experience is from a couple of years ago, so perhaps it is no longer relevant. That said, there were no lectures, rather workbooks and textbooks, along with online exercises for the younger grades. There were CDs for the language and music courses. The print option, at that time, meant that you would receive the complete package of materials in hard copy, sent to your home. It was about the size a ream of paper, for the complete program. The electronic version had all these materials online.


You can return weekly/biweekly homework assignments by postal mail or by uploading to their server. They would be returned with corrections from a teacher assigned to your child. I believe it was possible to contact a tutor, but we did not. My children used the chat board to get assistance from their teachers.


If you can't work with your child, a tutor would be better. The student definitely needs to work regularly, and would benefit from guidance. For language classes, it is always helpful to have a speaker available. If you are only enrolling your child in the French course, then perhaps a tutor twice a week would be sufficient if your child is pretty independent, mainly for questions and discussions. I can't remember whether the homework assignments are due weekly or biweekly, but it is definitely a regular pace of doing a little each day. No exams. I think they divide the course into units and the units further in sequences (or vice versa) and it seemed either every unit or two units, there would be a sequence just for testing. So, if you take a unit to be a week of work sessions, and each sequence to be a session, then there is one session just to complete the homework every week or two.


I rather liked the programme, though it was really a lot of work for us, because we did the complete programme, rather than subjects a la carte, and if we fell behind, it became a little tense. (However, that reflected our work ethic, rather than any weakness of the programme.) The texts were clear and interesting. The guidance materials for parents/tutors was very detailed, with a suggested calendar, suggested work plans etc. My children even liked the online exercises. All in all, I heartily recommend it.


Speaking specifically of the French course, my children liked the texts (and of course we tried to find the books from which these texts were excerpted to read on our own) and the writing asked of them was varied and interesting. I must say that there was a great emphasis on penmanship. DD, in grade 5, received gentle criticisms about the formation of her letters, and even a sample sheet to practice her capital letters.


Hope that is useful.

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I will look at it. Do you have experience?

We will (hopefully) be on the road January 2018-?? so the CNED a la carte, if it can be fully online and with tutor support, a grade or two below, would be just about perfect.

Joan of Geneve has personal experience.

I just explained the Belgic schoolsystem to her :)

At her time the science course was outdated, but she was content about the french courses.

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