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Once they can read well in both languages...

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Then what? I used to have this grand long-term plan about how homeschooling was going to go. And then I had four kids and they're 2e and things haven't gone at all to plan. So the last year has just been flying by the seat of our pants and focusing on reading, writing, and math with lots of free time to run and play and be kids. But just in the last three months, my 7 yo has started reading relatively fluently in our minority language (German), and I've been left wondering where to go with him now. Would you just have him focus on reading for a while, taking in whatever he wants and strengthening his skills that way? Would you start right in on normal age/level appropriate native curriculum? A bit of both?


FWIW, we have no access to German books unless we buy them, so it's a bit harder (and more expensive!) to expose him to the variety of literature that we have access to in English.

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Several thing we do / did.


- buying a few childrenbooks

- buying some 'black - cat' type of books

- buying something like: https://www.amazon.de/Praxis-Sprache-Literatur-Gymnasien-Schülerband/dp/3141208255/ref=sr_1_34?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1489822939&sr=1-34&keywords=Praxis

This type of book becomes harder by itself so one just have to buy 1 book instead of multiple books.

Dd started older at German so we could start with this boek, but I'm convinced it exists for the younger years too (comprehension reading books) as we did the same for French and English too.

- buy a kindle or something like that, as that make reading in another language so much easier (and takes less pace)


Have enough books your dc likes, but also don't stick too long at the same level :)

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Once my kids read well in both languages, they continue (for a while) to have a daily reading lesson (English with me and French with dad) to work on vocab and read-aloud fluency.  In addition, they have a book basket with assigned reading from both languages.  Other than that, I just try to make sure they have access to lots of books.  Easier for me than you!  Have you check availability of kindle books in German?  It might be more economical long-run.  


With the book baskets, we have a set reading time, then the kids come to me and orally narrate what they read about in the same language of the book.  So, a French book would be narrated back in French.  Once a week or so, they do a written narration, again, matching the book's language that way they can use it as an assist for correctly spelling the words in the book.


I do a combined grammar, covering both English and French grammar at the same time.  Then we do conjugation and dictation for French only, since English conjugation is not as complicated and French spelling is context-dependent for many words.  They do a separate English spelling program, but it's the first thing to get tossed aside during busy times.  :-)  

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take pride in the fact that your kid is reading fluently in your mother tongue at the age of 7. 

yes kindle is a good option.

I would suggest never discourage your kid in what he is good at. You can access Free German lessons online. meantime get him start on English too. if you feel you need external help get a expert handle it for you. 


One more thing, let them play as usual, don't rob them of their fun. It is the most beautiful phase in their life.

 We need both, try balancing it . Access to the scholarly resources in German studies.


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Some computer games let you choose what language they're in. I learned a lot of English playing computer games (the early King's Quest games required you type out what your character should do - to be clear, I don't think KQ comes in a language other than English - I'm just giving an example), and then at some point I'd sometimes put the games in another language too, so I've played Sid Meyer's Civilization (II?) in French as well. Of course, that was a long time ago.

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