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Wonderful - and free - summer math camp at Texas A&M

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My daughter, a homeschool graduate now studying math at Cornell University, attended this wonderful camp several years ago, and it was a great experience both academically and socially.  I just received an email from the director that they are running it again this summer.  The information and application are here:




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After I called this to the attention of my DD, I realized that she is scheduled to take two (2) STAAR EOC exams the week of June 19th.  This camp begins on June 18th.    Again, thanks to the OP for posting about this. Possibly next year my DD can apply.

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@pcbroborg Thanks again. Probably my DD cannot apply for that one this year, because of the scheduling conflict, but you gave me an idea about what might be out there and I am very grateful for that.


I found a couple of other things that might be of interest to others:


MIT has 2 Free Summer programs for High School students 
on the above URL. Both courses are for High School 
FASTWEB has a list of Summer Camps for High Schoolers 
for 2017. I am just beginning to look at that.
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Thank you! My sister homeschools in the Bryan-College Station area with two high schoolers.  They have a lot of CAP activities in the summer. But I have forwarded this along to her because my nephew, in particular, might really enjoy it if his schedule allows.

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Here's a fairly comprehensive listing of reputable summer math camps:


Summer Math Camps and Programs

Some are for girls, some are coed, some are free & some cost $$$. The TAMU program is on there.


The MIT page Lanny noted includes links to lots of math and science camps, not just those offered on their own campus.


Even if the price looks high, check whether the camp offers financial aid; several do. We loved & had great experiences with MathPath and Canada/USA Mathcamp, among others, & I was involved in launching Epsilon camp a few years ago. Great fun & learning & mentoring!


Another relatively new free camp for rising senior girls that I don't see on these listings is

Duke Summer SWiM (Summer Workshop in Mathematics)

My daughter did a similar SWiM program at Princeton between her junior and senior years. It's not as long as some camps (9 days), but all expenses were paid and the experience was top notch. The girls took a couple different classes, got involved in a mini research project, met university students and faculty, had social outings, and they even had a private lecture by Andrew Wiles (on his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem) that summer!





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This thread opened my eyes to something I did not know about, earlier this morning, so I am very grateful to the OP, pcbroborg, for starting this thread and very happy that I clicked on it.  My DD said she is pretty sure that she would apply for the A&M camp, if she didn't need to take 2 EOC exams the same week the camp begins.  Possibly next year she will apply. And, possibly there is some other camp she might apply for. Thank you pcbroborg!

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This URL may be of interest to others here on WTM.  In addition to the camp at Texas A&M University the OP began this thread about, which my DD cannot apply for this year, because of a scheduling conflict (she needs to take 2 EOC exams the first week of that A&M camp), I like the camps at Carnegie Mellon University for her, next year, when she will be a rising Senior.


Possibly others, with different interests and backgrounds, will find some of the other summer programs on this URL of interest:


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My elder son who is good in sports would like to take part in summer camp. I researched many options like the after school sports programs markham. How good are they? Like any teen bubbling with energy, he is just excited to be in the fields for the soccer and lacrosse leagues. Moreover, what I liked is that they have climate controlled dome to tackle rain. Would like to know more about the special for 2017 offer, free two week program. Is it really free? 

Meantime, my younger son who is 11 years old is very homesick and nothing seems to impress him about summer camps. He hates sports and sticks to reading anything that comes his way. Finally, I have decided to enroll him for summer writing camp from home. I have heard that they run 5-day classes all summer usually from June to August. He is very creative at writing. Hope it would do a world of good for him.

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