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How do you keep Miquon organized?

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Is there a lazy mom secret for not having to have 650 loose worksheets sitting around? I know I could print of smaller sections at a time, but then how do you remember which ones you have already printed, which ones have been done (and therefore you need to track down the next on that topic). Please give me some ideas!

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I have a binder with dividers labeled for each letter. I print out a whole level at a time and file them behind their letters. Every day, I pick a page and dd picks a page, the only rule being it has to be the next in a letter grouping. I also color in the square on the recording page for each page completed so as to have a visual idea of where we stand. Super simple and has worked well so far. Once we finish a whole level, I print off the next and start all over again.

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We had them as physical workbooks. It may be because I'm stuck in that mentality, but I think I'd print the whole thing and either have it spiral bound or put it in a binder. Part of the joy of Miquon is being able to skip around between the letter sections, but if you're trying to print on an as needed basis, I think keeping track would be a nightmare.

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