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DS having pilonidal cyst surgery...


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So far, 6 surgeries in our family for this (3 people, 2 surgeries each).


For the last surgery, we bought boxer shorts for our son to wear (instead of briefs or boxer briefs). He wore baggy shorts and t-shirts until he could wear regular pants.


We loaded up on bandages and other supplies. We used Hipafix tape, which worked the best. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001SIS7MG/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&th=1


We bought a seat cushion which takes pressure off the surgical site: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001OVFNQA/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1


I made up a chart to keep track of antibiotics, and percocet, and bandage changes. Good wound care is extremely important.


When healing was complete, my son saw a plastic/reconstructive surgeon for laser hair removal because this helps prevent recurrences. His second surgery was far more extensive than the first, and the plastic surgeon was the main guy doing the operation with a general surgeon's assistance.


I also cleaned my son's bedroom very well before he came home from the hospital.


Since he was in bed most of the time, I used Tupperware cups with lids that have holes in them for straws.


I made sure my son knew that he was not bothering me if he wanted something. I didn't want him to not ask for help in order to spare me.


We have a laptop cart that we used ... it fit over the bed much like the wheeled trays at hospitals. I can't recall where we got it.


We followed every instruction of the surgeon vigilantly. We had been told that my son would probably have 4 more surgeries over the course of a year ... but this did not happen.


We have found frequently that taking Keflex beginning when a pilonidal cyst first gets infected often stop the infection in its tracks or keeps it from becoming extremely painful.



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My son had a dermoid cyst removed from his face last summer.  It ended up being much larger than they thought.  It was above his eye, he was born with it, and we thought it would go away.  But he was 16 and it was just getting larger.  Turns out it was just as large under the skin as it was above, and it had attached to some blood vessels.  It was more of a surge than they had anticipated.


So, they had to take fat out of his tummy area to fill the dent in his skull.


His tummy area ended up being more painful in recovery than his face.  He couldn't sit up without help or slowly pushing up with his hands.  We just had him take it easy for several days.  Nothing special really.  He didn't like the way the pain meds made him feel so he just took ibuprofen.

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My ds23 is consulting with a surgeon today about this!  He is going to take a week off of work because we think this was mainly caused by the rubbing of the seam of his work pants at his tailbone and we want to be sure the area closes up before returning.  :(  Not sure if they'll allow him to wear looser pants, but he's already wearing mainly boxers.  He's going to borrow my donut seat cushion.  I don't anticipate any issues, but the kid is pretty hairy so he is trying to decide if trimming his hair in that area is a good idea.  I mean, how do you shave between your butt crack?  (I had no idea the cyst can be caused by an ingrown hair!  Fascinating. )  We're all having a grand old time teasing him about his butt surgery.  LOL


(Wow, Rough Collie's ds sounds like he had a way more extensive surgery than my ds will, poor guy!)

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