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What kinds of things are you doing for afterschooling?

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I know we listed some in the Roll Call thread, but I would love to hear what others are doing.

I mentioned the MIT Scratch software. We also have an NXT that is built and programed on a regular basis. (My oldest is on the Lego Robotics team at school, too.) At the moment, we are reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is also being used as his independent reading for language arts class.

My first grader loves to do math. So we do a lot of three digit multiplication problems. Since Georgia's new math curriculum is meant to promote critical thinking, we try to do that at home, too. Another thing we do is read the Magic Tree House books, the corresponding research guide, and plan a trip to the area of the world in which the book is set. We are working on Egypt right now. We don't actually go on these trips, but it is fun to plan them.

I am teaching geometry this semester, and I like to do hands on activities with my students. So my kids are testing a lot of these out for me. Like finding the area of odd shaped rooms in my house.

So what are you all doing? What are your favorite resources? I would love to hear about critical thinking and logic resources you may have.




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My dd goes to preschool part time. This year we did

-educationunboxed.com for math and some math workbooks.
-Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading (finish next week)
-HWOT: I use the workbook as a guide and have her write the phonograms.
-we started creative writing with a primary style journal with picture drawing space.

Next year she will be in an immersion Spanish school for K and our plans change a little

Spanish vocab and phonics
The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts level 1
Math games


Edited to add:

Ballet: will finish her preschool class this Spring and start ballet/tap 1 in the summer


May start piano in the fall if time allows.

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I see you are new.  Would you like to introduce yourself and give us a tiny bit of info on your kids (ages etc.)?


What we do is flexible based on our needs and our schedule, and changes as the kids get older.


When my kids were younger, my afterschooling program was like a curriculum that we did every day.  Now it's a more loosely organized combination of projects and activities.


Some examples of what we do when our schedule allows:  (my kids are 10)

  • Science projects at home.  We have various pre-packaged options and experiment books.
  • Supplemental math:  right now we are doing Beast Academy, but when one of my kids needs extra practice on school math, we have workbooks for that.
  • Literature: my kids participate in a middle school book club run by the public library.  We also do read-alouds (whether or not those count as afterschooling, they are valuable on several levels).
  • Other reading:  so many books, so little time.  Many story books that bring math / science / geography / history to life.  Also we get several interesting kid magazines each month.
  • Music:  in addition to their school band instruments, they are studying additional instruments independently at home.
  • Attending one-off programs or interesting exhibits at the museums, the public library, etc.  I check the internet from time to time to see what's new out there.
  • Scout programs and badge work often focus on academic-oriented enrichment.

We have additional things we will do during the summer.

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With my two girls 7/10yo:

  • Miquon Math / supplement with Challenging Word Problems (book 1)
    Math Mammath / supplement with either Beast Academy or Challenging Word Problems (book 4)
  • LA - we read through the WTM recommended History books and do narration, dictation, copywork 

They also participiate in swimming and crafts activities during the week.

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