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Veritas....I can't seem to edit my subject, sorry.


I am thinking about getting the Omnibus 1 Primary for my 7th grader and the Ancients/Old Test. History for my 2nd grader. We tried out some sample lessons yesterday and my boys were enthusiastic about it. This is huge, as my 7th currently resists everything and is a general bear, and my 2nd insisted he doesn't like history. I've been trying to encourage some online classes, especially for the older one, but he is seriously against it. So, I'm thrilled they got excited to try/do this VP program.


I'm just wondering if anyone can give me an estimate on what % is literal biblical history interpretation? While we are Christians, and I welcome different views to open discussions, I might not want to do it every day, all year.


Alternatively, does anyone know of a secular program that is similar?

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I can't speak to Omnibus as we haven't used it but we have done the younger VP history for both when it was only in workbook form and now with the self-paced videos. 


It's hard to put a % on it b/c even if it's a secular event, VP will often interpret it, apply it, discuss it in relation to a Biblical worldview. That Biblical worldview is woven throughout the discussion -- not every game or every lecture, but lots. 

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