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I am not likely homeschooling one of the kids next year


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I think you all know which one. Thing is, I love him. But the joy of homeschooling and of our relationship is fading. I am not completely decided, but am over 90 percent certain. This will allow me to focus more on the other kids too.

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I have been a similar position before & completely understand how tough a decision it is & why it is sometimes the best option.

Just make sure when you make the decision, your kid knows it isn't a punishment & knows how much you love him (repeatedly).

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I sent my oldest dd to ps for high school and while I was not at all impressed with the quality of education that she got, it saved our relationship and she did grow into a better person than she would have if we had continued to butt heads over absolutely stupid stuff.


I kept my son home, he was so interested in learning that going to the same school the oldest went to would have frustrated him a lot. He researched books and wrote amazing book reports on classic books. Although he hated Don Quixote and Moby Dick so his reports on them were quite amusing, lol.


I sent my youngest to public high school, it is one of the best in the North State and she has had social struggles but her quality of education is very good and I am happy with the decision. 


I think my point here is that when you do what you know is right you probably will be happy with your decision. 

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