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History? What am I looking for?


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Hi ladies,

I have been going back and forth about history next year and just can't seem to find what I am looking for. I would like to combine my kids (grades 7,4,2 - though I'm not much concerned about history for my 2nd grader). We will be doing early modern. I had pretty much decided on Simply Charlotte Mason, but I really would like more requirements than just narrations. I would love discussion questions and suggestions for research or essays. I want as simple as possible - so not so much history that there isn't time for much else. We are Christians, so that is preferable but not necessary. I would love something that has a spine that keeps us together but lots of good living books for each age too. Any suggestions? I've looked at BP and had a hard time getting excited. Same with notgrass. I've considered TOG but I think it might be too complicated. What am i missing? I really think SCM looks great with extra books if needed, but I just want more meat added. I'm sure i could come up with discussions points and essay topics on my own, but I would love to have that work done for me for times when I just simply don't have the energy 😊

Thanks for any thoughts!!

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I'll take a look at the Good and the Beautiful, though I'd really prefer early modern history specifically.

My oldest is using HOD now and it includes MOH, but we have another week before that text is introduced. I'll take note on whether I think that would be a good spine to drive us next year.


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