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self-taught introductory Greek


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DS10 and DS12 are both studying Latin and desperately want to learn Greek (thanks, Rick Riordan).  I do not have time to add a subject now, so are there are any programs that work for self-study Greek at this age?  I have heard Greek is very difficult to learn, so maybe not...

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Greek for Children is written to the student and is pretty comprehensive. Only Primer A is out, yeah, but it gets pretty far.


Elementary Greek is good, if your kids are able to juggle a separate textbook and workbook. I'd expect a student would be able to complete a daily section in about 20 minutes, with another 10 minutes or so with flashcards or review.


How far are you in Latin? If they understand case and conjugating, Greek is initially going to be just more of the same idea, but in different script. That will help them move along independently at first.


They'll work in it together? Teach each other? Quiz or test each other? That sounds like fun. I'd gather up sample of the recs and throw it back at them. Have them decide.  :001_smile:




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