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If we like 10 days in Europe...


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ETA: referring to board games


I bought 10 days in Europe a few years ago but my kids are only now getting into it. I had wanted to buy 10 days in Africa and Asia, only they are now out of print and too pricey on eBay. Anything similar or ideas besides eBay?

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I am doing a geography games class this year.  


I did buy a used 10 Days in Asia off of boardgamegeek's  sales forum https://boardgamegeek.com/geekmarket  It was still pricey but not hundreds of dollars. I think I paid $50. Unfortunately,  I ordered 10 Days in Asia from Rainbow Resource years ago when the manufacturing company said they were going to rework it, and then they stopped making them instead. I waited almost two years for it to come in on backorder before I gave up and started looking for it used. The delay was an expensive one. =)


ETA: They have 10 Days in Africa on the geekmarket for $40. That's really not bad at all.


I can tell you what *not* to buy. I bought these used "Asian Realm" card game,  "American Realm" Card game, etc.  They are similar to 10 Days in that you have to place a card that is next to/adjoining the country that is face up. However, the kids (grades 4-6) dislike it. They find it tedious.  I love the idea of it but they don't like having to find the location on the map and then figuring out where to place the cards. Maybe in a few years. 


Games we have liked:  Flag Frenzy (a card game), various Bingo games (I made them myself), and we had some fun with the Europe GeoCards.  Really nothing I have used is as good as the 10 Days games in terms of teaching geography while also building strategy skills, etc. We also use the GeoPuzzles for each continent. 




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P.S.  There are multiple 10 Days games.  10 Days in Africa, 10 Days in Asia (hard to find), 10 Days in Europe, 10 Days in the Americas, and 10 Days in the USA.  Note that if you get all the continental games (Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas) you can play them as one huge board. Pretty cool.  


10 Days in the USA was reworked when the original manufacturer stopped making it, and my understanding is that the "old" version is of better quality in terms of the weight of the cards, etc.  FYI.

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Do you have the various country ones, like Asia and Europe? How are those? We only have the American one (original).

We have Europe, and both DH and others love it. I've been eyeing America because DD is great with Africa, especially, and Europe but not America. It's rather embarrassing. It's time to rectify the matter with a board game.

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