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Conceptual physics

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If we do a more conceptual physics vs a more math focused one, do I have to indicate that on the transcript or can I just call it Physics? I assumed I had to call it conceptual physics but I recently noticed our public schools (highly competitive county) using a book called 'Conceptual Physics' for their regular, non-AP physics class so now I'm wondering if it's not a highly math focused class.

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The (well regarded) public high school my son attends uses the Hewitt Conceptual Physics text, has no math prerequisite, and calls the course "physics."

That's a good point. I checked the book they used, the Hewitt one, but I didn't check for math prerequisites. I'll look into that too.

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Physics courses can use the Conceptual Physics text and still be math-focused courses.


Here is an online one at Indiana University. It requires Alg I, Geometry and a semester of trig as a prerequisite.



Clover Creek Physics also addresses this in the 2nd paragraph:



In both cases, the instructor is providing non-conceptual problem sets to students.


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